How To Download Facebook Videos ?

How To Download Facebook Videos ?

How we can down load the fb videos that is what will see now preserve reading.

Here’s a speedy and convenient statistics to how to do it, except the desire to down load any software.

I modern-day you two ways:

  • Use your browser (for example, Chrome)
  • Use (a little easier)

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1. How to download Facebook videos directly to your laptop without using any application or service:

(Note that the following hints are for Chrome however are very comparable for special browsers) Here’s how to retailer these FB films to your laptop computer or PC:

1- Go to the message with the video you desire to download
2- Select on the video “Copy video URL “
3- Paste the URL in the adresses bar. It should appear similar to this:…/videos/12345…9/
4- Change the “www.” In “m.” That is to say…/videos/12345…9/
5- Press Enter
6- Play the video
7- You need to now open the developer’s console (Alt Option + Cmd + J)
8- Inspect the video issue the usage of the icon at the pinnacle left of the developer console (you can additionally activate it by means of urgent Shift + Cmd + C
9- Click on the video and you will see the box on the developer’s console. Copy the URL  and paste it on tab then Press Enter.
10- Finally, proper click on this video and click on “Save video as” 
11- Name your video as exciting, sexy (or silly) and press Enter.

As I cited before, Chrome’s directions are very similar to those of Edge, Internet Explorer (you nonetheless use it ?!), Opera and Firefox.

2. How to download Facebook videos using FBdown :

1- attend the message with the video you like to transfer
2- Select on the video “Copy video computer address “
3- attend
4- Paste your link here and opt for the down load quality you wish
5- Finally, right click on this video and click on on “Save video as”
6- provide associate exciting, engaging (or silly) name to your video and press Enter.

In case you’re curious, the video of this travail comes from one in every of the startups of my technological setup in Bolivia. the merchandise is named OloTouch. It permits you to convert any regular floor to a wise contact surface employing a projector.

I powerfully inspire you to look at their video in beta because of the very fact the founder plays with a wall. (They raise a spherical of seeds, pass Pine Tree State by Linkedin if you are interested)

Why would you need to download a video from Facebook?

– Maybe you have lost get admission to to the authentic file and would like to put up this video on every other platform (like Youtube or Vimeo)

– You have created a livestream FB and favor to download the video and more!

What is FBDown ?

FBDown (Facebook Video Downloader) is an on line tool for downloading and recording a Facebook video by using truely filling in the URL of the video located on the social network.

In the window that you will have at the opening of the page, copy / paste the url of the Facebook video and simply click the Download button.

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