5 Best Security Apps for Android

Whatever software you use with your Android phone or tablet, you’d be clever to have an antivirus or a security app established on your device. In this article, we’re going to highlight 10 of the pleasant antivirus tools for Android in 2019 – most of which are completely free apps to download.

1- Avast Mobile Security :

  • Call blocking
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Protect against viruses and malwares
  • Encrypt your connection on unsecured public wi-fi
  • Lock your sensitive apps

Avast Mobile Security is one among the foremost standard antivirus apps on any platform. It boasts over 100 million downloads and heaps of options. a number of the aspects cover the normal antivirus scanning, an applock, name blocker, anti-theft support, a image vault, and even a firewall for frozen mechanical man devices. It conjointly includes booster options, however we do not endorse those. they are doing bigger injury than precise and that they will undoubtedly mess matters up along with your phone. Avast’s subscription fees aren’t terrible relatively speaking. The app comes with a 14-day free trial to demo the merchandise.

The app wont to be paid but is currently free, supported through ads. you’ll be able to pay atiny low month-to-month or per annum premium to get rid of these. Another terribly helpful premium characteristic is ‘in-app locking’ whereby your machine can invite a PIN before gap certain apps. This prevents malware from launching apps like net banking mechanically.

Price : Free / $11.99 per year

2- Kaspersky Internet Security :

  • Top-notch malware detection
  • Blocks malicious sites or links
  • Extra features are more reserved for paid app

Kaspersky’s PC model has long be viewed as an enterprise chief and has already accumulated numerous awards for their service, however they additionally provide a free app that offers cell malware protection. Recently, they have introduced a new feature to their service which prevents phishing or the theft of personal data through illegitimate hyperlinks from textual content messages, cloud services and while browsing the web.

Kaspersky Antivirus & Security will also attempt to block any malicious web sites or hyperlinks earlier than you click on through to them, stopping an infection from taking place in the first place. A key feature is support for Android Wear which simplifies safety management.

Price: Free / $14.95 per year

3- Bitdefender Antivirus Free :

  • Minimal impact on your OS
  • Dead easy setup

Bitdefender Antivirus is one in all the few honestly free antivirus apps. It hasn’t changed heaps over the years. It presents a primary scanning feature, a straightforward interface, speedy performance, and no configuration. This is often outstanding|an interesting|a stimulating|a motivating|a noteworthy} one for remarkable easy desires.

All it extremely will is scan stuff and so take a seat there and wait to scan stuff once more. there’s a bigger, larger in-depth Bitdefender app. However, we have a tendency to suppose this one is higher for these UN agency simply like one thing easy. It’s to boot certainly free with no in-app purchases or subscriptions. there’s advertising, though.

Just make sure that If you need additional security, sign on for a free 14-day trial of Bitdefender Mobile Security. This consists of the fundamental antivirus further as time period safety for Google’s Chrome browser and anti-theft options.

There’s conjointly a neat Privacy authority device and adds a layer of safety to your smartwatch with the help of its WearOn technology that alerts you if you allow your cellular phone behind. Security, not within the logic.

Price: Free

4- Norton Security and Antivirus :

  • Excellent antivirus capabilities
  • Remote locking of phone

Norton Security has its ups and downs. simply accept what quantity worse it gets if we tend to place this one here. The app features a ton of the elemental parts tho’, together with protection from malware, spyware, and totally different terrible stuff.

Additional options cover saving contrivance place once the battery is low, period of time protection, anti-theft options, and more. It’s one among the pricier choices in antivirus apps. However, it will have a set handy for $39.99 per year that covers your mobile device as properly as your laptop. Norton conjointly has totally different apps, sort of a dedicated applock app, that area unit nearly now not 1/2 dangerous.

Other useful protection points embrace the capability to lock your phone by method of Associate in Nursing SMS message. Or if the SIM card is removed. you’ll in addition choose to remotely lock your contrivance if it goes lacking (or have it secured when ten unsuccessful tries to enter the passcode).

Price: Free / $14.99-$39.99 per year

5- Sophos Free Antivirus and Security :

  • Solid protection
  • No adverts
  • Authenticator for 2FA duties
  • Web Filtering
  • Malware Scanner

Sophos is one amongst our favourite antivirus and anti-malware apps for robot. It includes all of the straightforward stuff like malware protection, a virulent disease scanner, internet filtering, app protections, thieving protection, Wi-Fi security, and every one kinds of completely different stuff. It will all of this for gratis.

While not advertising, and it doesn’t embody any garbage booster options that don’t for certain work. Its positive identification secure characteristic is KeePass compatible associate degreed it even comes with an critic characteristic for multi-factor authentication. we do not externally recommend antivirus apps to anybody, but if you are going to possess one, do that one 1st.

The app in addition consists of a accessible QR code scanner which might be accustomed established impermeable Wi-Fi connections. There’s in addition associate degree critic that may generate one-time passwords for two-factor authentication.

Price: Free

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